Tuesday, November 18, 2014

If you didn't get to this years Byron Bay Surf Festival - This is what you missed.

Three days of music, art, crafts, film, lifestyle, tipi markets, shaper displays and a whole array of activities from woodwork fin and hand plane workshops to free beach yoga & pilates classes, health and fitness presentations, indigo tie dye board bag making and surf literature talks, book launches, discussion panels, interviews, short film comps and freestyle surf sessions proved delectably exhausting. There was a hell-of-a-lot going on which created a buzz in town that lasted well beyond the festival weekend.
The 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival received high praise of surf industry veterans, including Tom & Nick Carroll, Nat Young, Jack McCoy and Albe Falzon describing the surf culture festivities as a very unique one of a kind gathering.

Keep your eyes on all the creative and innovative developments for BBSF 2015 -byronbaysurffestival.com

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mark Riley has your Balsa Wood supplies covered

  Super light in weight and super clean and dressed ready for your new longboard. These can be delivered anywhere around Australia. These range from 80kgs/m3 and no heavier than 140kg/m3. If you compare this to paulownia its about half the weight and its easier to work and resin sticks to balsa. To have a board thats going to last a life time you need to glass a board to get a really nice polish and durable board.

 If you wanted to buy some balsa per stick
85mm X 150mm X 1800mm $70.00
85mm X 150mm X 2100mm $90.00
85mm x 150mm x 2400mm $110.00
85mm X 150mm X 2700mm $120.00
85mm X 150mm X 3000mm $150.00
85mm x 150mm x 3300mm $170.00
85mm X 150mm X 3600mm $180.00
85mm x 150mm x 3800mm $190.00
If you spend over $500 you will get another 10% off.

If you have any questions then send Mark an email -  mark@riley.com.au 
 Or check out the site for more details - shop.balsasurfboardsriley.com.au

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Duke replica

Deon Rowe decided to make himself a copy of the Duke surfboard that is in the Freshwater Surf Club. And with next year being the 100th year celebration of Duke Kahanamoku coming to Australia it seems like a great tribute and project.He had no prior experience in doing something like this, but had access to the original board to take photos and measurements.He got hold of me to ask some advice of glue and timber and how to go about it.The board is 8ft 8" and built from solid Paulownia. The original id made from solid Cedar I believe.
This is Deon sorting the Paulownia for the build.
 The original
 I think this board would be a test for Kelly to ride as well

Getting close to finishing 
 These are a couple of shots of The Duke with the original board 99 years ago.
It looks like it has been a great project and Deon will have himself a piece of history to share with his kids some day. I will post more pics and info when he sends them. I am looking forward to his ride report.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Paulownia Timber supplier

Hi guys,with the passing of our good friend Geoff we have all lost our go to man for all things Paulownia here in Queensland and Northern NSW. Well Stuart Bywater has put up his hand to make it all happen for us. He is a fine fiurniture maker based in Northgate , Brisbane. He also runs board building classes throughout the year. So he knows what we want and how we want it for our board building projects.

So if you need panels made up, or raw rough cut lengths, he can help.


Stuart Bywater

Ph;  0414283818  or  0414 283818        
 182 Crockford Street, Northgate QLD 4013

Bywater Paulownia Sales   bywaterdesigned.com/paulownia-timber-sales

Bywater wooden surfboard classes bywaterdesigned.com/classic-wooden-surfboard-classes

Dukes visit to Australia to be celebrated 100 years on

This coming January 8-10, 2015, the Freshwater Surfing Community is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Duke Kahanamoku’s visit to Freshwater igniting Australian Surf Culture.
 “I am extremely proud and excited to announce that the Duke’s Day Committee have invited Iconic Australian surfing personalities, former World Champions Pam Burridge and Bernard “Midget” Farrelly, to be the female and male Honorary Australian Surfing Ambassadors for this historic three day celebration” said Stephen Bennett –Chairman of the Dukes Day Centenary Celebrations Committee.
 To find out more on what is planned go to : www.dukesday.com

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sergi and Bob talk weight in boards

Sergi from Flama Surfboards in Spain was out here earlier in the year and he met up with Bob McTavish to discuss what Bob  he thought of weight in surfboards. The Pros and cons. Here is how it went.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Surfing meets woodwork, meets art.

Triton tools has been showcasing exceptional individuals they would describe as ‘Masters of Wood’ for some time now. There latest Master is Patrick Burnett from Kommetjie near Cape Town, South Africa. Patrick has a love of the sea and surfing, and he has combined that with a passion for working with wood – designing and hand-crafting stunning hollow wood surfboards. They visited Patrick to find out more about his work and the drive behind his creative process.For those interested in learning more about Patrick’s work, his approach to sustainable craft, and details of how to book a course where you can make your own board, please see his website: www.burnettwoodsurfboards.co.za

To check out all the tools that Triton have to offer for your wooden board building projects check them out here.  www.tritontools.com

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fin Free at it's best

This is Bryce Young just making it look so easy. Is this some of the best fin free, Alaia surfing you have ever seen ?
Bryce Young taking the ”friction free” genre to the next level…

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Byron Bay Surf Festival bigger and better this year for sure.

We we are just home from 4 days in Byron Bay for this years Surf Festival and what a great 4 days. This year was bigger and better than last yaer and a big thank you must go out to Mike and his team who organised it all. A huge effort which was richly rewarded with a massive turnout of people and a town who have embraced a festval which truely reflects their lifestlye and why they live where they do.
The opening on Friday night with the traditional owners of the land and the Byron area performed their dances and song. Then came the daunting task of hoisting the screen for the movie in 30 knot northerly winds that never backed off all weekend unfortunately. But in the end we have all been to the beach in these sorts of conditions and this was not going to dampen the spirits of those who came to have a fun time with all that the programe had to offe

 Andy from Wooden Anchor used an axe and other various wood working tools to hand cut this Paipo from a log on the day. It was green Paulownia and the thing weighed a ton.
 The Tepees stood the test of the winds

 Traditonal outrigger hand cut from one log of Paulownia
 Tools of the bushmans trade and very sharp
 Making her first hand plane under the instruction of Andrew Wells of Grown Surfboards

 Nobby from Japan was on hand to lead people through the task of hand shaping their own wooden fin.

 Will came up from Pacific Palms to do the course
 Music was everywhere which is what happens in Byron most days.

 Guy Walker from the Gold Coast with his unique hand make blanks and boards
 Lots of people
 Master shaper and board designer Gary McNeil with Tom and Fin Wegener
 A bike with add ons
 A great way to get out of the sun on the beach

 Mike in a light hearted moment after he knew he could do no more to make this a great weekend for all of us. Thanks mate.

 You could get a trim or a make over

 The best BBQ going round was on hand once again, Pulled Pork roll to die for.

 All the way up from South Australia to show off his skills

 Board cover making classes were on all day
 I was so busy talking to people and answering questions that I didn't get away for long or very far to shoot these shots to share with you. But there were a great range of shapers and boards , music , art and food.Then at night there were more bands beerrs food and movies on hand a various locations around town.
 Jackie and I had a great weekend and met some great people
Natalie just sat and soaked it all in.

Sunday was another windy onshore Northerly day at Wategos , the sun was out all day but the wind never let up.

Shapers from the day before were asked to bring their boards to display and provide a couple of demo boards. So there was a steady stream of people heading out on all sorts of boards.This was while there were also expression sessions on a variety of different styles of boards.
 This is the assembled line up prior to heading out for ther Corona dash for cash. They all headed out into the wash some 150 meteres offshore disapearing between waves. Then the flag was dropped and in they came on all sorts of boards.Close to shore there were a number of likely contenders , some jumped off too early and made hard work of it in deep water , others ran and fell , but Eden Saul of Dead Kooks Surfboards claimed the prize.

 Nobby had a couple of Japanese tradional body boards called Itago.
And that was it for another year. Be sure to plan to come next year as you will not be disappointed.